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Re: Pennsic Panic - the Game

Poster: Gorm of Berra <gormofberra@mindspring.com>

Beverly Robinson-Curry wrote:
 > So?  Who has 14 dresses to sew?  Or a pavilion to waterproof?
 Well, let's see...Gorm and Rhiannon of Berra's "Pennsic Panic list"
 1.  Get rhiannon to physical therapy 14 times in 3 weeks to recover
 arthroscopic knee surgery so she can walk at Pennsic
 2.  Sew pretty much every piece of garb we need for Pennsic...let's
 see...on last check it was 5 t-tunics and 4 pants for Gorm, and 5
 complete changes of garb for rhiannon, who is thinking she wants to do
 later period, so it's chemises, bodices and skirts rather than tunics
 and cyclas's.
 3.  Find more than one pair of shoes/boots/wahtever for the week.
 4.  Create a new set of armor, or at least fix the problems in the
 current one (bad elbows, worse knees, even worse stomach protection)
 5.  Create another Herald's baldric (dunno where the first one went)
 6.  Get my device worked out enough to bring it to the Atlantian
 Consulting table at Pennsic (subtle plug, not bad huh?).  Something
 about heralds having to have their devices in...can't understand for
 life of me why <ducking>
 7.  Authorize at polearm before the end of the month (one shot and one
 shot only, and it's this Saturday)
 8.  clean the house so that we can collapse when we get *back* from
 9.  figure out how to pack all this stuff into one Chevy Cavelier with
 rooftop carrier, thankfully)
 Hmmm...I think that's about it...is that really all?? Wow.
Gorm of Berra
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