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Re: Pennsic Panic - the Game

Poster: Mike Dullaghan <michael.f.dullaghan@adn.alcatel.com>

On 16-Jul-98 Heather Swann wrote:
>Poster: Heather Swann <heather@pop.net>
>> The sad part is that I'm not even going to Pennsic, because I don't have
>> time, because of the last thing.  All of the stuff mentioned above is
>> going to go to Pennsic without me, and I won't even get to see it in use.
>> Dafydd ap Gwystl
>> That happens to my friends a lot too.  All their stuff goes to Pennsic
>> and they stay home...
>> >Rebecca
>Gosh, they should at least get a postcard out of the deal....and
>And here's the slide of Dafydd's table with the feast on it......and
>here's where we tried to see how many people the 15th century bed would
>hold......and here's how the Pavillion looked with all the cool stuff on
>it at the big party......and here's when we had to haul away the bodies
>after the party was over.....  ;)

At last count my tent, sleeping bag, cot, etc. had been to twice as
many camping events as I have.

So far this year it looks like the only thing of mine that might be
going to Pennsic without me is my camcorder. At least that way I know
there will be videos to watch. :-)

Michael the Eclectic
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