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Re: Pennsic Panic - the Game

Poster: many waters cannot quench love <lisa@technomancer.com>

anybody for a game of anti-pennsic-panic? :)

this year i'm:

* taking a tent, a sleeping bag, whatever's already in my fencing bag,
  whatever's already in my feast basket, and every piece of garb i own

* packing it all up the weekend before i leave

* and riding up with a friend who has a truck, so i don't even have to try
  to shoehorn it all into my car. (thanks, lyanna!)

my job is currently operating at the panic level which most of you seem to
be associating with pennsic, and there's just no way i can get that wound
up about my hobby at the moment.  i'm sure i'll discover i'm missing
something i desperately need 30 minutes after i arrive, but as long as i
have my toothbrush, i can wing it...

ps - hopefully this disclaimer is unnecessary, but just in case: this is
not intended to denigrate or trivialize anybody else's pennsic efforts!

pps - and the only reason i can get away with this is because i panicked
over the LAST 4 pennsics i attended... *wry grin*

lisa lorenzin  |  lisa@technomancer.com  |  http://www.1000plus.com/lisa/
of what avail is an open eye if the heart is blind? - solomon ibn gavirol

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