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re: Pennsic panic game

Poster: Gene Bonar <gbonar@auspex.com>


As we get older we have noticed that the ground is getting further away
each year.  She has a bad back, I have a bad front. so inspired by some
viking bed plans that were floating around a little while ago, my wife and
I started out to make two true viking beds.  I have been keeping a diary
through this whole thing just like Dayfdd taught me.  I wanted to use the
proper kinds of wood and tools.  I this to be the beds that Elspeth and I
will down the sides of our tents just to show off the beds. 

However, every time we looked at the calendar we cut a corner.  We wouldn't
have time to finish the rough cut lumber so we bought off the shelf wood.
It pine and the Vikings used pine, right.

Well I'm not sure ropes or slats?  Plywood, arrrgh.

Glue up corner posts, no we used 4x4.  Have you ever tried to chisel
through cheap, pressure treated 4x4's?  Well, just drill two holes and cut
the wood out in between.  Must buy a portable drill press and a
reciprocating saw.  Well I was going to buy them anyway!

Chisel slat supports in long rails?  Ha Ha what a fool.  Look at calendar,
ok I'll peg a runner upon which the slats... er plywood will rest.  Look at
calendar, must have beds done... ok screw a runner upon which the slats...
er plywood will rest.

I wonder if the Vikings went through this.... "must have bed done before I
leave for raid..."

We have learned alot.  We are treating this as a prototype.  Something like
a seamstress making a dress out of cheap fabric first before making it out

Good part, we will have two very strong beds by Pennsic and I really needed
the portable drill press and the reciprocating saw, really.

Go in peace,

Eógan mac Ailpein,    archer and Windmasters' Hill pursuivant
Elvegast, Windmasters' Hill, Atlantia
mka Gene Bonar  919.772.1112  gbonar@auspex.com
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