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why do we....?

Poster: Brenna of Lyonsbane <sunnie@exis.net>

This is just a "why do we" post about heraldry.  I have two questions
about submissions.

1) Why (when we give permission to change spelling, grammer or
construction, and form a holding name) is a name that is unacceptable as
a whole but has a usable name included not issued as a holding name?
Even if the name has two possible holding names that the person could
chose between, why do we give our phone number if they don't call and
ask?  Or, why don't we give our e-mail address to save time and money so
they can ask?  I'm just interested in why this is so.

2)  With the legnth of time it takes to get a submission back (and the
number of times heraldry is returned before an acceptance-I think 5
being the norm in the people I have asked about it), why do we not allow
persons to enter 3 or even 5 different blazons at once?  It would seem
that if they are significantly different, there is a higher probability
that one will be accepted.  In addition, it gives a wide range of
information at once if they all are refused.  FOr instance, if 3 of the
blazons have a protected charge and are all returned for that reason,
one has a metal on metal, and the last has a conflict of being too
similar to an existing peice of heraldry, then the person can reasonably
be expected to make a combination from all of that information to make
an acceptable blazon on the next pass up.  The blazons could be numbered
for the preference of the submitting party, so that if there are more
than one that are acceptable, the heralds would automatically chose #2
rather than #4.  Since the heralds operate by fairly set rules, it does
not seem difficult to make a cursory decision on all but the similarity

If anyone can answer these questions, please e-mail me privately as I am
having trouble getting my messages from the list.

Thanks again,

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