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Re: heraldry rules (fwd)

Poster: "Beverly Robinson-Curry" <corvus2@worldnet.att.net>

Gorm wrote:

> True, however, how is that goal served by returning a device wherein the
> submitter wishes a Heraldic unicorn, but cannot fit all of the demanded
> artistic details into a 5" x 6" shield blank on the form(effectively a
> 1.5" x 1.5" area for the beast in question)?

Lousy argument there...  Hundreds of submitters prior were able to do it. 
And copy machines have this wonderful reduction feature.  Many of the items
I have designed I have done by finding a period drawing which met my specs,
photocopying it, reducing it to the right size, gluing it to the form and
photocopying the form.  Personally, I can't draw my way out of a paper bag.

> techniques/design/etc, and better use.  Rejecting someone's perfectly
> legal device (at least to the point of attestable creatures, in an
> attestable pose, with attestable tinctures) because of artistic concerns
> with the specific drawing does nothing other than make people think that
> "Those Heralds are such snobs, they won't pass my device because they
> don't like it" (an actual beef I have heard, and endeavored to correct).

Rules for Submission - VII.7.a.  Identification Requirement

"Elements must be recognizable solely from their appearance.  Any charge,
line of partition, or field treatment used in Society armory must be
identifiable, in and of itself, without labels or excessive explanation."

This information is readily available to you and as a consulting herald,
you should be familiar with the Rules for Submission and should be able to
advise the client of a potential problem if, say, their drawing is not
easily identifiable.  Then they can decide whether to make a better
attempt, ask someone else to draw it for them or take a chance on the

Rhiannon, Triton

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