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Re: For the record

Poster: Robert J Welenc <rjwelenc@erols.com>

At 02:39 PM 7/23/98 -0400, Gorm of Berra wrote:
>If you want to teach folks that their device is poorly drawn on the
>submission form, why not say something like "Okay, the device is
>clear of conflict, and approvable, therefore we pass it.  However,
>color of the field on the submission form was a little more orangish
>than would be considered normal (or the unicorn is too horsey),
>submitter should be made aware of this and note it in future use."
>Who does that harm?
>Just a thought,
>Gorm of Berra

Quite frequently Laurel does so, m'lord.  Read almost any  LOAR at
random, available on line at:


and you will see commentary  like "Please inform the submitter to
make the embattlements larger" on borderline submissions.  Neither
Golden Dolphin nor Laurel like having to return good submissions for
technical reasons, but the rules are there and they must follow them.

And as for making the submitter aware that the color or depiction of
the charge is unacceptable -- that's what returns are for.  When GD
returns a device, it is because he knows that Laurel will return it,
and wishes to help the submitter correct the problems with as little
time lost as possible.
If he is at all uncertain, he does forward it to Laurel so that she
may make the final decision.  

I am sorry that your lady's problems with her submission and the
commentary on this list that was intended to educate has caused her
to conclude that she does not wish to play with us; that was never
anybody's intention.

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