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Re: For the record

Poster: Michael and MJ Houghton <herveus@access.digex.net>


> Poster: Gorm of Berra <gormofberra@mindspring.com>
> Eldred@concentric.net wrote:
> > 
> > Greetings from Eldred!
> > 
> > So rather than attempt to get help in designing armory that looks more
> > authentic, or even show an interest in it, she's giving up?  This makes
> > the client sound like a petulant child.  Good thing we aren't a group like
> > the Militaes Normans (sp?) or the Civ War Re-enactors, or you'd be
> > extremely unhappy.
> Uhhh...no...rather than go through the 3rd submission on the same device
> that has been bounced twice for reasons that have *absolutely nothing*
> to do with the quality of the device (which actually has been praised by
> at least one person for being quite period, and elegantly simple), she
> is choosing to save her time for pursuits that interest her more.
> Well ya know, we didn't join the Militaes Normans, a Civil War
> reinactment group, ECW or anything like that, we joined the SCA.  
> She determined that since the College of Heralds has absolutely no
> enforcement powers, she doesn't care about them.  I've tried to convince
> her that the reasons for the return are legitimate (although I
> personally think one of the reasons was trivial, I bow to the judgement
> of those who disagree), but she has decided that she doesn't like the
> game, so she isn't going to play.
> I remember the discussion we had about the Heraldic vs NonHeraldic
> unicorns, it was quite educational on both sides, and she was genuinely
> interested.  Not anymore.
> If you want to teach folks that their device is poorly drawn on the
> submission form, why not say something like "Okay, the device is legal,
> clear of conflict, and approvable, therefore we pass it.  However, the
> color of the field on the submission form was a little more orangish
> than would be considered normal (or the unicorn is too horsey),
> submitter should be made aware of this and note it in future use."
> Who does that harm?
If the "unicorn" is too much like a horse with a horn, then it isn't a
unicorn, and registering it that way is not good service. Sometimes, a
drawing is "not great" but "OK, it could be better", then an admonition
to the submitter about the drawing is in order. This happens routinely.

If the proportions of the form are wrong, then the submission wasn't
made on an acceptable form. The forms are usually not difficult to get
a hold of. 

If this submitter really doesn't want to go through this again, then that is her
prerogative. However, it is not productive to cast it in a "those nasty
heralds won't let me have what I want" light. If poor service was given by the
local herald, let's correct that problem. 


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