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Re: heraldry rules (fwd)

Poster: Julien de Montfort <julien@spiaggia.org>

> Education on "better living through better Heraldry" can be
> in much the same way that "better living through better garb" is, by
> politely discussing the negative points of a person's heraldic display
> with them, educating them on better tinctures/drawing
> techniques/design/etc, and better use.

Were the CoA not a registry service as well as an educational part of
the SCA, I would agree with you.  But by registering something that we
know is not correct (even if we know the *intentions* are good) then we
are still giving tacit approval to that fact.  By the same argument you
present, someone could send in a submission with a photocopy of a My
Little Pony on the form, with a horn drawn in, as long as we knew it
was supposed to be a unicorn.

And even so, we aren't registering the *intent*, we can only register
what we *receive*.  If a horse with a pointy forehead is received,
that's what it has to be judged as.

I won't say the CoA is perfect -- but if we don't at least try and make
sure that what we give our seal of approval to is at least pretty
authentic, then we're just a bunch of crazy people who dress up in
funny clothes to drink free beer and beat each other with sticks, and
I'd like to think we're a bit more than that! ;-)

doesn't drink beer (free or otherwise), and doesn't beat people with
sticks, but does dress up in funny clothes and is definately crazy.
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