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Irish and Portugese (was Re: heraldry rules)

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In a message dated 98-07-23 10:08:06 EDT, clevin@ripco.com writes:

<< If one element
 is Gaelic, it's all in Gaelic, and if one element is in the
 sound-system of the rest of Europe (ie, O'Flaherty instead of Ua
 Flathbeirtagh (or whatever-I am a Portuguese, and the Irish are a
 strange and faraway people, of whom Ptolemy says little), then
 it's all in that sound-system. >>

I don't know about Portugal, but there was a lot more contact/trade between
Ireland and Spain than between Ireland and England during a lot of the Middle
Ages.  The Irish originally came from northern Spain, and they kept the
trading contact up (well, intermittantly at times).  It was a safer journey
from Wexford or Dublin to the northern coast of Spain than it was dealing with
the English Channel at times.

Just a little trivia from a long ago history class.
Elizabeth of Hadley Hall

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