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Re: What, praytell, is a "golf tube" arrow shaft

Poster: SCOTSWMMN@aol.com

A "golf tube" is, well, a golf tube!   Really!  (I kid you not!) <G>

The archery supply stores would have absolutely no idea what you were talking
about - but if you were to enter any pro shop that sells golfing supplies,
they'd probably know exactly what you meant.  A golf tube is a plastic tube
that is put down inside a golfing bag to hold your golf clubs - it keeps the
clubs from knocking together.

As far as SCA combat archery goes, some brilliant person came up with the idea
of using these things to make "safe" arrows for SCA combat.  You use the tube
for the shaft of the arrow.  IMHO, I don't like 'em - I've found them quite
inaccurate and awkward to shoot, and much prefer the idea of the wooden shaft
SCA combat-legal arrows.  However, in some cases, only golf-tube arrows are
allowed (last year's Pennsic, for example, if I remember correctly).

If you decide to go with the wooden shaft variety, there are a few merchants
up at Pennsic that carry the tips - my suggestion is that you contact an
archer marshall who has had experience in SCA combat archery and pick their
brain for their ideas on the equipment your lady wife will need. Best bet? Go
to the archery field at Pennsic before the days that War Point is shot - my
experience has been that archer marshalls are always more than willing to
share their knowledge, if they aren't too busy!  If you need an introduction,
I can think of at least two or three archer marshalls that I know that would
be most willing to talk with you.  I'd be happy to arrange an introduction.

May you be successful in your search - 

Margaret Cameron
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