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Re: [Northshield]: Jafar's Dukedom

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In a message dated 7/24/98 9:10:27 AM Central Daylight Time,
longshipco@hotmail.com writes:

<< >The Board of Directors recently received a petition, signed by over
 >600 members of the Middle Kingdom, requesting that the Midrealm be
 >allowed to honor Jafar by posthumously awarding him with the title
 >and estate of a Duke in the Society for Creative Anachronism. 
 I was thinking about this and about the only other vague parallel I'm 
 aware of in the SCA--the Dowager Princess Janeltis.
 I never knew Jafar, but because he died when he was Prince of the 
 Midrelm, I think of him as HRH Jafar.
 The Board can't grant Jafar a Dukedom unless they change Corpora.  But, 
 as they granted an otherwise not used title to Her Serene Highness 
 Janeltis, Dowager Princess of An Tir, could they perhaps grant a similar 
 not used title to Jafar?
 And since he died a Prince, could the title include Prince?  Maybe 
 "Prince Eternal" or "Prince Medeterranea" translated into the most 
 appropriate language?
 I don't think there's anything in Corpora forbidding them to do this, as 
 there is specifically forbidding them to grant him the title of Duke.  
 (Mind, though, that they Granted HSH Janeltis' title many, many years 
 My earlier suggestion of waiting a year for petitions to circle the 
 *next time* this happens still holds.  I think time to cooly consider is 
 a Good Thing.
    - Anarra

  Actually the board seems to want to grant Jafar the Dukedom, they just need
enough people to say that it's OK to change corpora. They will apparently vote
on it in October.
  Since you aren't listening to the Northshield Hall I'll let you all know
that the Dukedom was especially important to Jafar. It has been told that he
went around for days smiling to himself and saying "Now I'm a Duke." We just
wanted to give him the title he was so looking forward to.
  I didn't know Jafar personally, although I did know who he was.  All the
stories going around about him get me all choked up, and I don't cry easily. 
 Gabrielle Chasseresse de Chevreuil
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