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Re: [Northshield]: Jafar's Dukedom

Poster: GUNDSPHOTO@aol.com

 In case anyone is interested......this was posted to Northshield

Baron Fernando of Three Rivers, a member of the BoD, sent this to the
Calontir list.  I know the original letter gave a snail mail address for
comment, but there are email options as well.  I've also included a second
message from Fernando that addresses the issue of choosing a title for Jafar
and using it, despite what it says in curia.  I think he stated the
pertinent issues better than I could myself.

>     You could send comments to Directors@SCA.org.  Or if you don't feel like
>doing that you can send them to me and I will share them with the other
>Directors in a batch.
>   Fernando
>   Fvigil@AOL.COM

>  Do it.  Our ranks don't matter because the BOD says they do. They matter
>  because we say they do.

> So, why shouldn't the folks of the Middle call him Duke Jafar, and to heck
>  with the Board?  (No offense, Fernando).

>   No offense taken.  We wondered the same thing. :)  Actually, if they just
>called him Duke Jafar unofficially there would not be anything anyone could
>(or would want to do most likely).  If they proclaimed it in court however
>that would be a different thing and might get the Crown who made the
>proclamation in trouble since it would violate Corpora.
>  I should point out that Jafar was a man who believed in following the
>rules.  Witness the fact that he would not sign the Estrella Accords, during
>the '94 Time of Troubles, until after he had discussed it with the Midrealm
>Curia - as was required by Middle Law.  He was urged by the other Crowns, yet
>he chose to follow the rules.  _I_ can't believe that he would want the rules
>broken for him.
>  One of the jobs of the Board is to uphold Corpora, the rules we have all
>agreed to play by.  How can we uphold the rules in some issues, while making
>exceptions in others?
>   A wise man once said "You rule because they believe."  The people of the
>Midrealm have shown they believe in this act by signing the petition, but the
>Board finds itself without any tool to grant their request.  This proposed
>change to Corpora gives the Board such a tool, but first the poeple of the
>must support such a change - it is everyone's game.

>   Fernando Vigil - Director

Please let the BoD know of your support for this measure; I know I intend
margaret malise
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