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Re: An attempt at communication

In a message dated 98-07-27 10:30:35 EDT, chriswalters@juno.com writes:

<< 	What will happen to Marinus and Tyr-y-Don?  They are in a
 corner...  by keeping them from the Principality, they have been
 isolated...  there are only two roads leading from the Hampton Roads
 area, one is I-64 and the other is US 58...  either way, if you want to
 leave the barony its a two hour drive any way you slice it....  their
 closest SCA event haven is Caer Mear which is being included in
 Stilhaven.  Why weren't they asked? >>

Greetings to all upon whom this missive comes this day!

Having lived in the Hampton Roads area (and ONLY speaking for myself of
course) I often felt somewhat geographically closer to North Carolina and
found this feeling among residents of the area (Gosh, if you sneeze loud
enough in Virginia Beach someone in Moyock, NC may return with a "Bless
You!").  But this is just my geographical opinion...now on to the geographical
fact that more roads besides Route 58 (which would take one nearly an eternity
to get anywhere  -- I have driven its length all the way to Cumberland
Gap...don't do it...it may look more direct but its only an illusion) and
Route 64 that come out of Hampton Roads.  There is Route 460 (through the
great Peanut Lands of VA) and lovely Route 17 (which looks long but really
isn't...the "good twin" as opposed to the evil Route 58) which extends all the
way up to Fredericksburg and beyond.  I know many don't see these as important
but as a historical preservationist and a lover of country roads I had to
correct this cartographical slight.

In service,

Rowen ferch Rhys
(who now resides within the realm of the proposed Principality although she
doesn't understand quite where --- please see next message)

interruption but I feel that I needed to voice my reply to all who received
the original post.  Additionally, please address any responses to me
personally as I am not a subscriber to your list.