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Re: 150 Mile rule

Poster: David KUIJT <kuijt@umiacs.umd.edu>

Fair Alianora reopened a can of worms by writing (as a peripheral
> Right now the 150-mile-rule is a real choker on event planning ... 

To which Kofryna responded:

> I would like to speak on behalf of the Shire of Highland Foorde when I
> say that we have no intention of having the 150-mile rule rescinded as
> part of the creation of a Principality.

[much about the 150-mile rule removed for brevity]

> I hope that revoking the 150-mile rule is not a goal for creating a
> Principality, because it definitely would have a negative effect on the
> Shire of Highland Foorde.

The long-standing debate surrounding the 150-mile rule is entirely
unconnected to that of a Principality.  There are supporters of the
principality that are on both sides of that issue; I'm sure there are
non-supporters of the principality idea that are on both sides of that

The Steering Committee has no position on the issue, and certainly no
"goal" to change it.

And, as Evan (I believe) pointed out, Kingdom Law still has precedence
over any Principality Law.

This has all been hashed out before, five months or more ago.

Can I be any more clear on this issue?

> It certainly wouldn't be a very good beginning for the formation of a
> new Principality to have a major disagreement break out due to the fact
> that one group in the area would impacted negatively by proposed
> legislation. 

The 150-mile rule has had its proponents and its critics since it was
instituted in the reign of Barry and Simone, 10 years or so ago.  I
suspect that particular debate will continue whether Stilhavn becomes
reality or stays a dream.


Dafydd ap Gwystl
steering committee chair

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