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150 Mile rule was "Northern Principality"

Poster: Kofryna <kosryna@erols.com>

Alianora wrote:

>The northern baronies and shires are merely looking for a
>way in which they can play together more effectively (and have
> more fun in the process) in a crowded geographical area.  Right >now
the 150-mile-rule is a real choker on event planning ...

I would like to speak on behalf of the Shire of Highland Foorde when I
say that we have no intention of having the 150-mile rule rescinded as
part of the creation of a Principality. Thankfully, this is a Kingdom
rule which will still be in effect if a Northern Principality is formed.
Since  Highland Foorde is located in the very North of our Kingdom and
it borders BOTH the Kingdom of the East and Aethemarc, we can not afford
to have another event compete with us in the Northern Region, since
there is typically one in either East or Aethelmarc on the same day.
Simply said, we need the 150-mile rule to stay in place due to our
geographic location. It is sometimes very difficult to draw people to
the North of our Kingdom due to our location, and it would be darn near
impossible if there was another similar event going on in the palmprint.
It is very hard for someone to drive past one event in order to go to
another similar event.

If on the other hand a group within the Kingdom is hosting a unique
event that they don't mind having conflicts within 150-miles, then check
the box saying that it is OK to conflict on your event Registration
form. Groups in the North can do that now, and we've had no problem
working within this system. When we need the no-conflict status, we
indicate it on our form. If we're negotiable, we indicate we will
negotiate on the form. If we don't care, we check that anyone can

I continue not to understand the desire to revoke the rule, since we
have a process in place that works. Revoking it would be a major
detriment to  our Shire. Although there is some negotiation leg-work
required, the current system in place works, and it doesn't hurt any one
particular group. So why does this continue to come up as issue? We have
a good system in place in our region, and my counterparts and myself
talk regularly to resolve issues when they come up. I truly don't see
the need to revoke the 150-mile rule, but I do see a tremendous negative
effect to those groups that are not lucky enough to be right in the
middle of the geographic area.

I hope that revoking the 150-mile rule is not a goal for creating a
Principality, because it definitely would have a negative effect on the
Shire of Highland Foorde. It certainly wouldn't be a very good beginning
for the formation of a new Principality to have a major disagreement
break out due to the fact that one group in the area would impacted
negatively by proposed legislation.

Once more, leave the 150-mile rule as it is. It works.

In Service,

Lady Kofyna the Goatherd, Seneschal of the Shire of Highland Foorde