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Re: Principality why do you want to leave

Poster: Julien de Montfort <julien@spiaggia.org>

> I think that most of the concern that I and others feel stems from the
> basic notion that the whole TNNP thing is now and has always been the
> steps with the intention of forming a KINGDOM.  That is why I refer
>to this
> as the TNNK or the Northern Kingdom, it is not because I don't
> the process.

I will agree that the creation of a Kingdom starts with a Principality,
but would also caution that *not all* Principalities eventually become
Kingdoms.  As has been mentioned over on the P. List, there are several
Principalities out there that have been so for ten, fifteen years or
more, and apepar to have no intention of ever going Kingdom.

And even if the TNNP (if realized) in fact *does* one day go Kingdom,
there is no guarantee that it will be immediately upon formation of the
P.  Even Atlantia herself took nearly fifteen years to become a full
kingdom, as I understand it.

> Now if your intention was to just form a happy little principality
> wouldn't so much angst, but I don't think anyone really believes
> what this is all about.

Well, certianly those people who *do* believe that there is not a
strong thrust to go Kingdom believe that (myself being one of them
;->).  I can accept that you feel that those pushing the P. are in fact
pushing an agenda to actually go Kingdom (don't agree with it, mind
you, but can accept that you see it as such).  However, I do know there
are a number of people who think the area would make a lousy Kingdom,
although perhaps a decent P.

What I could like to ask now then is *why* do you feel the P. movement
is actually to make a Kingdom?  You have stated that you feel so, but
not the reasons behind that decision.

> Now if we are to deal with this rationally it is important that we at
> agree on certain terms. If you are forming a Kingdom than say so, and
> you are then don't be surprised if the pieces you leave behind are
>hurt and
> resentful.

Your statement here seems to indicate that you are firmly of the
conviction that the P. Movement is in fact trying to make a Kingdom
(which is fine) but also that you show little indication to change your
mind if shown otherwise (i.e., you imply that the only correct
terminology is in fact that P.=Kingdom, and not taking into account
that the P. may in fact simply = P.).

Just as an afterhtought (and I fully admit I may be completely wrong
here) but I don't believe it is strictly *necessary* to be a
Principality first before going Kingdom, if otherwise the polling would
accept a direct jump to Kingdom.  If this is true, and the forces
behind the movement are in fact trying to create a Kingdom at the
earliest opportunity (which you state you believe), then why would they
bother with the middling step of a Principality?  Why not just draft
the paperwork to march directly into a Kingdom from the get-go?

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