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Principality why do you want to leave

Poster: Gene Bonar <gbonar@auspex.com>

Greetings Rosies,

Those of you who read my posting in response to the TNNK thingy were quick
to point out some stuff.  Allow me to clarify some points.

I do not represent the entire south nor do a I speak for them.  However,
the tone and the frustration that you my have read in my note is
representative of a good portion of the southerners.  Every time the
subject of the TNNK comes up things like the following are said;

"They (the people pushing the TNNK) are going to make this happen whether
we like it or not." or "They want their own kingdom so they can have a
northern king, and they won't stop till they get it"  or "They say they
want just to form a principality that they don't want a kingdom.  Bull.
The only reason they are doing this is to eventually form a Northern Kingdom."

Now you may think these people are hopelessly uninformed but in the effort
to communication it is important that you understand the underlying
emotions. Before you jump on this, read those lines and think about them.
Try to understand the hurt and frustration in them.  

I think that most of the concern that I and others feel stems from the
basic notion that the whole TNNP thing is now and has always been the first
steps with the intention of forming a KINGDOM.  That is why I refer to this
as the TNNK or the Northern Kingdom, it is not because I don't understand
the process.

Based on the Kingdom premise how should we feel?  You guys are tearing away
from us.  It will damage both groups for years to come.  Why do you want to
leave us?  What is so bad about being together?  We don't want to leave
you.  We think that Atlantia is the greatest kingdom in the world?  We
think our strength lies in the combination of all our groups. Yet you seem
to be doing everything it takes to separate yourselves from us. How do you
expect us to feel about this?

I am willing to take any reproachment you collectively what to heap upon me
if you first reread the paragraph about and honestly answer the questions. 

Now if your intention was to just form a happy little principality there
wouldn't so much angst, but I don't think anyone really believes that's
what this is all about.

Now if we are to deal with this rationally it is important that we at least
agree on certain terms. If you are forming a Kingdom than say so, and if
you are then don't be surprised if the pieces you leave behind are hurt and

Again I speak for no one but myself, however, I am not alone in what I say.

Eogan the curmudgeon

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