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Re: Principality why do you want to leave

Poster: "Jessica Wilbur" <jessica@pop.net>

Excuse me, but could everyone PLEASE stop posting principality-related messages 
to the Merry Rose?? There is a list set up *specifically* to discuss these issues. That is a 
far more appropriate place to post. I myself am subscribed to the P-list, but I know several 
peole on the Merry Rose who are not, and have no wish to see this stuff here. 

Thank you.


> Poster: Gene Bonar <gbonar@auspex.com>
> Greetings Rosies,
> Those of you who read my posting in response to the TNNK thingy were quick
> to point out some stuff.  Allow me to clarify some points.
> I do not represent the entire south nor do a I speak for them.  However,
> the tone and the frustration that you my have read in my note is
> representative of a good portion of the southerners.  Every time the
> subject of the TNNK comes up things like the following are said;
> "They (the people pushing the TNNK) are going to make this happen whether
> we like it or not." or "They want their own kingdom so they can have a
> northern king, and they won't stop till they get it"  or "They say they
> want just to form a principality that they don't want a kingdom.  Bull.
> The only reason they are doing this is to eventually form a Northern Kingdom."
> Now you may think these people are hopelessly uninformed but in the effort
> to communication it is important that you understand the underlying
> emotions. Before you jump on this, read those lines and think about them.
> Try to understand the hurt and frustration in them.  
> I think that most of the concern that I and others feel stems from the
> basic notion that the whole TNNP thing is now and has always been the first
> steps with the intention of forming a KINGDOM.  That is why I refer to this
> as the TNNK or the Northern Kingdom, it is not because I don't understand
> the process.
> Based on the Kingdom premise how should we feel?  You guys are tearing away
> from us.  It will damage both groups for years to come.  Why do you want to
> leave us?  What is so bad about being together?  We don't want to leave
> you.  We think that Atlantia is the greatest kingdom in the world?  We
> think our strength lies in the combination of all our groups. Yet you seem
> to be doing everything it takes to separate yourselves from us. How do you
> expect us to feel about this?
> I am willing to take any reproachment you collectively what to heap upon me
> if you first reread the paragraph about and honestly answer the questions. 
> Now if your intention was to just form a happy little principality there
> wouldn't so much angst, but I don't think anyone really believes that's
> what this is all about.
> Now if we are to deal with this rationally it is important that we at least
> agree on certain terms. If you are forming a Kingdom than say so, and if
> you are then don't be surprised if the pieces you leave behind are hurt and
> resentful.
> Again I speak for no one but myself, however, I am not alone in what I say.
> Eogan the curmudgeon
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