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Re: Gesso

Poster: "Jessica Wilbur" <jessica@pop.net>

> Poster: "Garrett, William" <WGarrett@sierrahealth.com>
> 	Hi all!
> 	I'm getting ready to start making helm crests for period style
> tourneys, and one of the ingredients I need is gesso.  What is it, how do I
> work with it, How do i find it/make it?
> 	(From what I can gather I beleive its a liquidy glue....)
> 	William, not talking about the P

Greetings William!

You're right, gesso is a kind of liquidy glue that dries up solid. You can paint it on in 
layers, and build up a kind of raised area. Scribes use the stuff for gilding. There are some 
period recipes for making gesso (which I'd have to dig through my scribal archive to find, 
but I can do that if you like) or you can buy acrylic gesso at any good arts store. 

Hope that helps!

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