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Re: Principality

Poster: Julien de Montfort <julien@spiaggia.org>

> With all respect, Baron Ranulf, I do believe that the Lady was subtly
> that the proposed lines for the proposed Northern Principality may
>be, or at
> least appear like to some, a case of gerrymandering which is most
> (without really bringing Government into it) to change or draw the
> geographical boundaries of a voting district in order to insure that
> or issue (in this case) will have a majority of voting support in that
> particular area.  Occurances of such usually come off as negative but
>it can
> actually be a positive and beneficial act depending on the situation
>at hand
> (just my own opinion).

I can't easily see how it would be gerrymandering, in as much as there
*was* no formal line of where the P. would have it's borders -- rather,
it was a 'fuzzy line' of groups near the edge of the proposed
'palmprint' area, and those groups were allowed, by virtue of the
results of the polling, to determine if they wanted in or not.

I suppose there could be a weak argument for gerrymadering in the sense
that the groups making up the 'fuzzy line' of potential border groups
was chosen or not chosen, but frankly, if you're going to have a group
of any sort, it *needs* to have _some_ sort of border, so I don't see
how the charge of gerrymandering could be easily applied in this

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