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Viking Thyng

Poster: david.a.montuori@adn.alcatel.com (Dave Montuori)

Unto the Merry Rose at Cheapside:

I have been asked to post the following event announcement regarding
this year's Viking Thyng. I don't have any information beyond the flier
itself, so any further inquiries should be directed to the autocrat.



                           A VIKING THYNG

                      September 18 - 20, 1998
                           Blackstone, VA

Once again the College of Yarnvid presents for your edification and 
amusement a pre-1100 Viking fair so that Norse, Briton, Pict, Scot, 
Frisian, Finn and others may trade, feast, and settle disputes.  All of 
your favorite activities are back, some with new twists.

We will once again be having a period style (round shields, swords, 
spears and axes only) holmgang.  In keeping with certain saga accounts, 
this year each fighter must have a second to bear his shield during the 
fight, so this is a team competition.  Please bring extra gauntlets and 

Please bring your Viking tents to add to the atmosphere and if you wish 
to enter the period encampment competition.  There will also be a best 
dressed Viking competition for both male and female.  Previous winners 
in both competitions are invited back to help judge.

The _Gyrfalcon_ returns and, conditions permitting, will be taken out 
for trips on the lake.  Classes in various Viking arts and crafts will 
be held.

Archery, axe throwing and bardic activities return, as well as the 
infamous Magyar Memorial Bunny Hunt and Free For All.  Enjoy a simple 
but hearty feast featuring a whole roast pig Saturday night and help 
judge the Tacky Viking contest.

The site opens at noon on Friday.  We will try to provide adequate 
supplies of water, but due to the primitive nature of the site, (NO 
SHOWERS), we recommend that you bring water with you.  On the other 
hand, the site is WET!  Fees before September 13 are:  $7 for the first 
day and $3 for each succeeding day.  Feast is $8.  Children age 5 - 16:  
$4 for the first day and $2 for each succeeding day.  Children 4 and 
under are guests of the college.  There is no additional charge for 
camping.  After September 13 add $1 per day of attendance.

For the less adventurous, there is a motel available in nearby 
Blackstone.  Call the Autocrat for further information.

The event Autocrat is Finnr Grimulfsson (James Howell) 996 Dorset Road, 
Powhatan, VA, 23139.  (804) 598-2168, nlt 10:00 p.m.  Merchants are 
welcome.  Please contact the autocrat to reserve space.


>From the WEST:  Take US 460 EAST towards Petersburg.  Once you pass the 
second 460 business exit for Blackstone, proceed approximately three 
miles to route 634 (Wellville Road) and turn RIGHT.  If you pass route 
153 (Amelia exit - Military Road) you’ve gone too far.

>From the SOUTH:  Take I-85 north to exit 27 (route 46).  Turn LEFT and 
proceed approximately 15 miles to route 40.  Turn RIGHT and follow route 
40 into and through Blackstone.  The road will become business 460 in 
Blackstone—keep going straight!  At the junction with US 460 (Second 
business 460 exit) turn RIGHT.  Proceed approximately three miles to 
route 634 (Wellville Road) and turn RIGHT.  If you pass route 153 
(Amelia exit - Military Road) you’ve gone too far.

>From the NORTH:  Take either I-95 to 460 and follow the above 
directions, or take US 360 WEST from Richmond.  Just past the Amelia 
County line, turn SOUTH onto route 153 (Military Road—Blackstone and Ft. 
Pickett exit).  Follow route 153 for 17 miles to it’s junction with US 
460.  Turn RIGHT and immediately LEFT onto route 634 (Wellville Road).

ALL:  Proceed cautiously down route 634—there is a very narrow railroad 
underpass with a 9’11" clearance.  On the far side of the underpass, the 
road becomes gravel.  1/2 (.5) mile from 460, turn left following 
Wellville Road.  Proceed approximately 1 mile until you reach paved road 
again, ignoring the road on your right.  At the paved road, bear LEFT 
onto Archer Road.  Proceed approximately 3/4 (.75) of a mile to Twin 
Lakes Road. (Look for a grove of Pine Trees on the left) and turn LEFT.  
Follow Twin Lakes Road into the event site.

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