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"Making a Medieval Single Pole Pavilion"

Poster: "Tim and Carole " <jpbrew@pinn.net>

Well, unfortunately I won't be able to make it to Pennsic this year (His
Majesties Royal Navy dictates that I need to go to sea and scare off some
Vikings or something) but I do have a few questions about pavilion making
if some one could help me out.  
	The plans that I wish to use are contained in David Kuijts' article
"Making a Medieval Single-Pole Pavilion".  The first couple are probably
more directed to the author David Kuijt, but anyone who has used these
plans could probably answer them.
1.   In the section "Spoked-Wheel Pavilion Structure" it is mentioned that
a 10' rope comes out from one end of the spoke (which I assume to be a
guide rope). Later in the article, under "Sewing Notes", it says to sew
loops outside the eaves if ropes are desired.  Is there a preferred method
or are both equally as effective?
2.    For the spokes, the article suggests to use 2x4's cut in half to make
2 2x2s. Has pine be found to be a reliable wood or do I need to use
something more stronger like oak?
3.    Lastly the article suggests not to skimp on the canvas.  I agree, but
I'm also on a budget. Anyone know of a good substitute for canvas, or maybe
a good outlet source?

In service
Johann Pearenbloom
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