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Re: Woman want Mongol?

Poster: akratts@boole.com

Thank you all for making me feel so welcome! I can see with this group,
however, I'm going to have to choose my words carefully. When I asked if
all the Mongul hordes were going to Pennsic, I really meant all Atlantians
(and I know that doesn't mean the same thing!).

Unfortunately, I can't go this year, but it's on my agenda for next year.
And though I'm sure that awsome parties are to be had with the Monguls, I
think I'll be dressed for another era. Being one of the merry wenches
discussed earlier on the list seems to have a vaguely hedonistic appeal to

non-persona yeta

Poster: "S. M. Thorson" <smt2@st-andrews.ac.uk>
Magnus wrote:
> If you go to Pennsic, ask for the Gurkhan at the Great Dark Horde
> Camp. Tell him Magnus sent you, and take a little Bride Price with
> you. ;) The higher proof the better, and oh yes, proof of age too.
> We'll find you a yurt yet. Don't give up hope.
Alianora wrote:

And if you find the GDH isn't your style (fine people though they are),
drop by Allied Households, where Clan White Wing will be camped, and ask
for Temur Khan or Ekaterina Khatun ... I'm sure they'd be glad to help
out.  Tell them that their First Daughter the Red Lion Tarkhan sent you

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