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Re: heraldry rules

Poster: "Terry L. Neill" <longshipco@hotmail.com>

Julian wrote:
>> However, as your post noted, nobody is *required* to register their
>> name and heraldry, so if a person doesn't like the system, or >> 
doesn't  want to bother with the procedures, he/she can lead a >> 
productive life in the Society without having to worry about the >> 
College. ;-)

I will note, for those not in the know, that a registered name IS 
required to get an official, signed, award scroll.  A registered device 
is required to get an official, signed, AoA scroll (or any other scroll 
with your arms on.)

A registered name and/or device is ABSOLUTELY NOT required to get the 
originial award.  ONLY to get the official, signed, scroll at a later 
date.  Promissaries delivered in court, no matter how pretty, can and 
are given regardless of the relationship between the awardee and the 
College of Heralds.

Speaking of official scrolls, anyone know the next events Cuan and Bera 
will be at?  Master Tristan has completed an absolutely SMASHINGLY 
wonderful Pearl scroll for me and I need to get it signed.

    - Anarra Karlsdottir
      Sable, a bend Or, overall a dragon segrient Gules, clutching 
      in dexter forepaw two wings conjoined Sable.
      (Official, registered, and ALL MINE!!!!)

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