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Re: heraldry rules

Poster: Julien de Montfort <julien@spiaggia.org>

> Given these 6 realities, why can't we just trust the submitter?  If
> say that that horse-like blob with a spike on the head is a unicorn,
> fine, let it be a unicorn.  If the color on the picture is orange, but
> they say it is Or (yellow/gold), interpret it as Or, and conflict
> accordingly.

Well, for me it comes down to a question of the fact that we are
supposed (at least in theory ;->) to be a historic, educational,
re-creation society.  Authenticity is supposed to be a goal for us
all... again, theoretically.  Let's look at your argument again, just
applied to a different aspect:

"If they say that that the jeans that they are wearing to an event is a
pair of hose, fine, let it be a pair of hose.  If the color of their
tunic is fleuorescent highway-orange, but they say it is Or
(yellow/gold), interpret it as Or, and act accordingly."

To me, heraldry should not be afforded any less of a standard than the
rest of what we try to do in the Society.  The only difference here is
that heraldry gets registered, while such things as sewing and period
garb-making does not.  However, if the College registered something
they know is not correct, then aren't they then giving their unspoken
approval that accuracy is *not* required -- in fact, not even important?

As I said, my feelings on this stem from the fact that I don't see the
College so much as a simple registry service (as, it would appear, a
lot of the SCA does) but rather also as a teaching branch.  To expect a
less exacting standard from one section of the society seems to be a
diservice to the SCA as a whole...

However, as your post noted, nobody is *required* to register their
name and heraldry, so if a person doesn't like the system, or doesn't
want to bother with the procedures, he/she can lead a productive life
in the Society without having to worry about the College. ;-)

just me
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