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Re: heraldry rules

Poster: Gorm of Berra <gormofberra@mindspring.com>

Julien de Montfort wrote:

> Well, for me it comes down to a question of the fact that we are
> supposed (at least in theory ;->) to be a historic, educational,
> re-creation society.  Authenticity is supposed to be a goal for us
> all... again, theoretically.  Let's look at your argument again, just
> applied to a different aspect:

Oooh, sounds like fun, let's :)

> "If they say that that the jeans that they are wearing to an event is a
> pair of hose, fine, let it be a pair of hose.  If the color of their
> tunic is fleuorescent highway-orange, but they say it is Or
> (yellow/gold), interpret it as Or, and act accordingly."

Ummm...no.  This isn't a valid extension of what I said.  Recall the
point that I raised that said it takes a reasonably advanced level of
heraldic knowledge to be visibly struck by a poorly drawn charge (say a
unicornate horse, for example).  It takes virtually no knowledge to know
that a pair of jeans is not period.  Orange hose...hey, my opinion is
that if they want to wear orange hose, they've already been punished
enough, let them.  (Besides, can you prove orange didn't exist in

If there are clear conflicts between the drawing and the blazon of a
device, then resolve them (or, at least return the device with a
statement "The Blazon says Vert (green), your picture was Red.  We
couldn't tell which you wanted, please resolve or advise").  If the
thing drawn is not obviously something else, then assume that what the
submitter says they want is what they want.  

I'm not saying "register everything".  Heck no.  I am all for enforcing
a stricter interpretation of what charges are period and what aren't,
documenting names better, etc.  I'm just against making someone try, try
again to draw a picture that matches the blazon they want because they
can't fit a Heraldic unicorn respectant couchant into a 1.5" square.  

Gorm of Berra
> To me, heraldry should not be afforded any less of a standard than the
> rest of what we try to do in the Society.  The only difference here is
> that heraldry gets registered, while such things as sewing and period
> garb-making does not.  However, if the College registered something
> they know is not correct, then aren't they then giving their unspoken
> approval that accuracy is *not* required -- in fact, not even important?
> As I said, my feelings on this stem from the fact that I don't see the
> College so much as a simple registry service (as, it would appear, a
> lot of the SCA does) but rather also as a teaching branch.  To expect a
> less exacting standard from one section of the society seems to be a
> diservice to the SCA as a whole...
> However, as your post noted, nobody is *required* to register their
> name and heraldry, so if a person doesn't like the system, or doesn't
> want to bother with the procedures, he/she can lead a productive life
> in the Society without having to worry about the College. ;-)
> Julien
> just me
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