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Re: heraldry rules

Poster: Gorm of Berra <gormofberra@mindspring.com>

Beverly Robinson-Curry wrote:

> Ah, but what if the local herald didn't feel comfortable enough to put on a
> blazon and the picture looks significantly like one item, but submitter
> actually wanted something else?  How would Golden Dolphin or Laurel know?

Presumably, the local herald could at least attempt a blazon, from which
the elements should be discerable (if the attempt says "Cow on Yellow
field", and there is a vaguely quadrupedic blob on an orange field, then
it could be logically interpreted as "Or, a cow", and that would qualify
as a correction that I agree with (hmmm...thinking about it...cows are
period...I think I may have just found my device...probably conflicts

If there is no way to tell (ie if the form doesn't have any clues at
all), then the device gets returned with a letter explaining why, just
as it does now.  If the picture and blazon openly conflict (ie the
blazon says Vert, and the picture has red), then use the picture and
correct or reject as needed.

> > Gorm of Berra
> > Struggling Coronet herald
> Uh, Gorm?  That's "cornet" (as in trumpet), not "coronet" (as in prince)
> herald...

Yep...bad fingers, bad bad bad fingers.  Worse brain, bad bad bad brain

<Gorm goes off rummaging through stuff to go ransack a village again>
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