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A Quest and Call for Aid

Poster: Rick & Tania Howard <rthoward@dwx.com>

To the noble readers of this list, greetings, from Akitsuki Yoshimitsu, a
humble knight of the lands of Calontir.

My apologies for this digression upon this fine list.

I have undertaken a quest and seek the aid of many in my efforts to see its
completion. Good and gentle folk, read the words that follow, and if you
find my cause a worthy one, seek me out.  I will be on the Pennsic field
Saturday, August 8th through Tuesday, August 11th from approximately 10:00am
til dusk or until such time as heat, exhaustion, injury, or the needs of my
Liege overtake me.   : )

Thank you for your kind consideration and to all who will be making the
pilgrimage to the Debatable Lands, safe journey.  

To all Honorable Warriors and Soldiers of the Knowne World, come these words
of greetings from Akitsuki Yoshimitsu, humble servant to the Crown of Calontir.

Injured on the field of battle more than fifteen moons ago, I have had to
content myself with administering to the needs of my House and those lands
held in fief from my liege and have been unable to take up arms in either
training or defense.

Alas, unwanted dust has settled thickly upon my arms, my armor, and myself.
It is duty to self and sovereign to pursue excellence in the martial ways
and without doubt, my limbs and skills have grown dull. This will not do!

At long last, my physician deems me sufficiently well-healed. My recovery
has been long in coming, and I am eager to rekindle the camaraderie of my
shoulder companions. Again, I can return to the glory of the fray and revel
in the din of battle!  Now I can return martial service to my Crown. Again,
I can share in the bath of sweat, blood, and chivalry with my fellows!

I shall, therefore, lash sturdy sandals upon my feet, take walking staff in
hand, and swear my oath to follow a musha shugyo, a warrior pilgrimage.

In order to make myself a sharp sword for my Crown, to be a man well-versed
in honor and courtesy for my noble lady, and to share in the joy of combat
with any and all comers, I lay upon myself a challenge. From the first day
of May ASXXXIII to the first day of May ASXXXIV, I shall cross swords with
nine hundred and ninety-nine of my brothers and sisters at arms from across
the Knowne World. Who will aid a brother? Who will beat the rust of neglect
from these weakened sinews?

To those who would seek me out in my travels to your lands, and elsewhere, I
may be found by my banner upon which is emblazoned my mon, in pale a
crescent inverted and a maple leaf within a bordure.

Until we meet, health and harmony to you and those you honor. From my home
within the heart of the Boar Ring, at the hour of the dog on the
twenty-first day of the second moon of the tenth year of Heisei, ASXXXII.

Akitsuki Yoshimitsu, Knight, Barony of Coeur d'Ennui, Kingdom of Calontir

Akitsuki Yoshimitsu , Barony of Coeur d'Ennui, Kingdom of Calontir
Rick  Howard, 922 40th Place, Des Moines, Iowa 50312
515.277.6448    rthoward@dwx.com

"Wealth and rank are like the clouds, I do not wish for such transient things,"

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