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RE: armigorous scrolls was (RE: heraldry rules)

Poster: Jim Trigg <jtrigg@hoflink.com>

Becky McEllistrem said in RE: armigorous scrolls was (RE: heraldry rules) 
at 03/Aug/1998, Mon 06:14:32.

> > Julien
> > who, speaking about award scrolls, would like to follow a suggestion on
> > the SCA-HERALDS lists in saying that if his AoA scroll is up in the
> > queue any time soon...
> That would be unnecessary as the Clerk of Signet is a Great Office
> of State and is not a deputy of the heralds in Atlantia.  I read the
> Atlantia list but unfortunately do not have time for the SCA-HERALDS
> list. Also, I have a status scribe for such questions.  Her name is 
> in the Acorn regnum.

You seem to have misunderstood something.  Julien was referring to a 
discussion on the SCA-HERALDS list about ensuring that arms are depicted as 
desired on an award scroll.  The suggestion was made in the discussion that 
as many scribes as possible should be notified in advance.  Of course, the 
fact that the Atlantian Signet office has procedures already in place is 
even better.

Just a Thought,
Seigneur Blaise de Cormeilles, herald at large

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