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Re: Will I ever get my scroll?

Poster: "Michael J. Lonski" <mlonski@aclltd.com>

>	What does this mean?  How will I ever get my scroll?  Of course, I
>have to wait
>	for available scribes to do them, but you may be able to help speed
>up the process
>	a little.  When you get back from Pennsic (if you are going or if
>not check now) look 
>	at the names on your promissories.  Are they different from the name
>that has passed? 
>	Even slightly different?  If so, please write me with the name on
>the promissory and, then, the
>	correct name.  I will take these messages and update my database to
>	spellings.  It does not mean you will get your scroll right away,
>but it could explain
>	some abnormally long waits.  Please write me if this is confusing.

Lady Rebecca,

Actually, a lot clearer than mud, thanks.  On a related note, what about
folks that have awards for which they've made their own scribal arrangements?
Would it be easier to:

a) ask you which scrolls/awards you have on record to be done for a given
   person and let them make corrections as necessary
b) have that person send in whatever awards they know they need scrolls for
   and you can check against the information you have
c) don't inundate you with a flood of messages to wade through in the
   first place
d) something else entirely...

BTW, thanks for trying to manage this chaos.  It's appreciated.

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