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Poster: Bellatrix2@aol.com

Greetings All  From House Bellatrix,

          The vanguard of the Army has done its job well.  The mighty
Atlantian Army  is encamped in the debatable lands, and is preparing for the
battles to begin.  Oh, how our house does strain its'  harness to be at the
battle even now.  Alas, we have laid to rest the mother of the Lady of our
house. She will be sorely missed.  we travel to the Pennsic Wars in her name.

         The final preparations are being made as I speak to you now.    The
armourers hammer has ceased, the wagons are loaded and we shall leave within
the days to come to join Our King.  What better place to die than in the
company of such a knoble host.

       I haved long for the time where my axe and sword will crush all those
who stand against my Kingdom.  Now th etime is at hand. The might our house I
will lend to my King and my brother knights.  Soon my friends, we will be
there.  I  leave unto your capable hands the defense of our Kingdom.   My lady
and sons I leave as well, though it saddens my heart more to leave them, I
must.  Duty done is the knoblest of all glories and that is the only glory
worthy of the seeking.

     Fare well Atlantia, where ever you fare.


Sir Stephan
Second Duke of Bellatrix 
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