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Poster: jdhoy@mindspring.com

Due to responses I've seen and recieved regarding my comment about the
number of corners in the Merry Rose, it seems that some gentles have not
taken my jest for what it was: just a joke. If I've offended anyone, please
accept my apology at this time. People seemed a little down about Pennsic,
so I thought a little levity would help.

But enough of that. Now for some serious business. I hope all of the Merry
denizens of the Rose will join me in a toast:

To those who would bring honor to our Kingdom on the field at Pennsic -
May the foes of Atlantia and Her allies tremble at Her approach and passing!
Vivat the Army!
Vivat the King!
Vivat Atlantia!

With utmost sincerity,
an unusally humble Irishman,

Eoin O'hEochaidh

To howl in the night
And live for the fight
Of mind and of might
Though never a Knight
I'll strive for what's right

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