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Re: Competitions/Displays

Poster: "Greg Lindahl" <lindahl@pbm.com>

> If you want useful feedback and constructive criticism, don't go to an A&S
> competition.  Approach a knowledgable person in your subject area, arrange
> a suitable time and place, and spend half an hour talking with them about
> your artifact, your research, and so on.

Yes and no. You're right that the second way will always get you good
feedback. But there are few competitions, such as the Pennsic
Polyphonic Challenge, where the main point is feedback, and where the
judges are often pretty good. Perhaps it could use a "non-competing"
option, but other than that, that particular competition happens to be
a great way to get feedbackfrom knowledgeable people from all over the
Known World that you didn't even realize knew anything about early

-- Gregory Blount
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