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[Fwd: Re: Religion and the SCA survey]

Following the Lady' s wish...
In service,
Eleonora Salutati/Franca Gorraz

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In an effort to get as society wide response to this as possible, I would
appreciate it if the survey were posted to kingdom lists.  It has already
been posted to Caid and Meridies.
Replies need to be sent to 


It has been most interesting reading, so far, and I will be posting results
when the responses quit coming in.
Melandra of the Woods

sunshinegirl <sunshinegirl@steward-net.com> wrote in article
 Over the last two or three months, I have read several different threads,
 both here and on other lists that have dealt with the role of religion
 within the SCA and religious historical research.  Some of the comments
 have sparked a curiosity within me as to the personal and persona role of
 religion within the SCA.  So I have a few questions that I would
 anyone taking the time to seriously answer.  Thanks. 
 Melandra of the Woods
 1.  Do you consider yourself religious?
 2.  What is your personal main belief about religion?  (Catholic,
 Protestant, Jew, Moslim, Athiest, Pagan, ect)
 3.  Does your SCA persona demonstrate the same belief as your personal
 4.  If not, what belief do you portray in the SCA?
 5.  Do you feel that the re-creation of medieval religious services, for
 educational purposes, is wrong?
 6.  Should an in-persona, researched, religious ceremony be allowed within
 the public confines of the SCA?  Example:  A Viking wins crown - may he
 have a researched Viking coronation ceremony that calls on Odin?  A 14th
 century Catholic wins crown - may he have a researched 14th century
 Coronation that includes a prayer?
 7.  Do you feel that any particular religious system gets more criticism
 than others?
 8.  If so, then which one?
 9.  Do you feel that religious research is an important part of historical
 10. What kingdom are you from?
 11.  Do you have any other additional comments?

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