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Re: Authenticity & competitions

Poster: "Rowanwald Central" <rownwald@gte.net>

Rebecca the Contrary writes
> ...I would think the only reason
> to accept/deny a person to a Pearl/Laurel would be because of their work.
> Whether they know who that person is or not would be irrelevant.  I would
> think it was the quality of their work that decided such things.  Then
> again I tend to ask for an idealistic world.

Sorry, Lady Rebecca, but you've pushed one of my buttons. I'm not a member
of the Order of the Laurel, (but did just become a new Pearl), but it's
always been my understanding that the Society Orders are there to recognize
Peers, persons of courtliness, courtesy, and honor who have knowledge of
Courtly living - and who also possess outstanding talent in one of three
venues; fighting, crafting, or serving. To disregard their qualities as a
Peer (found in Copora and well explained there) in deference to their
single outstanding talent would be a disservice to the Society and the
potential Laurel (Knight, Pelican).

   Just my opinion,
      Rosine of Rowanwald
      tired-but-content Pennsic troll-type person
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