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RE: Authenticity & competitions

Poster: Becky McEllistrem <beckymc@MICROSOFT.com>

May I make an additional suggestion?  It would also help, I think, if the
top 3-5 finishers (and their entries) in a large competition were paraded
in court when the prize(s) are awarded.  This serves 2 purposes - it makes
the runners-up feel good, because they get a little public pat on the back
(even if no prize is attached), and it helps attach both names AND faces
to the entries on the table.  

I'm afraid I disagree entirely with this suggestion.  (Now you're pushing
my buttons... <G>)  I used to display scrolls in court when I was first
Clerk of Signet.  I HATE the "oooh aaah ooooh... murmur" joke that the
entire group must say after every A&S presentation in court.  I find it a 
very old tired joke and some scribes have been very offended by it.  The
only time I felt it was funny was during Logan and Arielle's first 12th
night court.

The crowd had started the "oooh aaah murmer..." joke when then king Logan
interrupted to say "aaahhh you can't even see it!"  It was the funniest
moment during a presentation I'd seen in years.  Not only did he make my
point completely he did so in a much funnier way than I could have done.

You can't see items presented in court, as the groups attending courts
are just too big.  I'd prefer a display room away from feast where items
are protected after court.

I'm neither a Pearl nor a Laurel, but what
I've heard about the polling procedures in both those orders suggests to
me that the members are very leery of voting in a new person if they don't
have a fairly secure idea of whom s/he is, and that this caution goes
beyond merely "I haven't seen his/her work." 

Actually the separate room/corner protected idea would give members of
those orders time to see the winners again.  Course my attitude is that
it's their job to stop what they're doing and take time to get to these
displays.    If they're leery of voting
a new person to an order because they don't know who that person is then
aren't order members missing the point?  I would think the only reason
to accept/deny a person to a Pearl/Laurel would be because of their work.
Whether they know who that person is or not would be irrelevant.  I would
think it was the quality of their work that decided such things.  Then
again I tend to ask for an idealistic world.

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