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scroll stuff was (Tally Who?)

Poster: Becky McEllistrem <beckymc@MICROSOFT.com>

Rebecca wanders in with leftover candles from her Pennsic trip
and begins taking them around to the dark corners of the tavern and
lighting them, careful not to wake those still sleeping.  Empty
mead mugs and one strange can marked "worms" cover the floor.
Funny, there seem to be more corners than she remembers... <G>

Ahem... Hello, anyone awake yet?  I wanted to know of everyone
got this mail about updating the AOA listing in the backlog database?
It's important because it's a step that will help me to my next
office-related project.  I'm not sure of all the details yet but
it has something to do with lists and web pages and such....

This is the initial posting:


Poster: Becky McEllistrem <beckymc@MICROSOFT.com>

	I know most of you won't get this until after Pennsic, but that's
why I'm sending
	this now.  I hope the requests trickle in first and then flood in
after Pennsic.  (10 have trickled in so far).
	If any group seneschals are online, would you please read this in
your post Pennsic
	business meetings?  Also if any group heralds know of changes could
you let me know?

	I have had many folks come up to me at events and say "why haven't I
	my Award of Arms scroll yet when my device passed a year after I
	the award?"  Then I check the name with my backlog database and it
	not there.  It turns out the name passed was completely different
	from the name on the promissory.  Unfortunately, I only get a list
of what has
	passed from the Clerk of Precedence and not a list of what the
person was tentatively
	called before submitting.  Also, when a scribe is filling out
promissories sometimes
	we can't get exact spellings thirty minutes before court so we put
in a close spelling.
	After a reign, if a name has already passed, the Clerk of Precedence
catches these.  
	If a name has not yet passed, I put in what is on the promissory.
When I do a cross 
	reference months later with my database and the OP, I don't get a
	Clear as mud?

	What does this mean?  How will I ever get my scroll?  Of course, I
have to wait
	for available scribes to do them, but you may be able to help speed
up the process
	a little.  When you get back from Pennsic (if you are going or if
not check now) look 
	at the names on your promissories.  Are they different from the name
that has passed? 
	Even slightly different?  If so, please write me with the name on
the promissory and, then, the
	correct name.  I will take these messages and update my database to
	spellings.  It does not mean you will get your scroll right away,
but it could explain
	some abnormally long waits.  Please write me if this is confusing.
This little
	step could help the college of scribes so much and could explain
some long waits.

	Note:  This letter is not to knock the Clerk of Precedence in any
way.  Konrad corrects
	misspellings whenever he can and extremely timely with his help.

	If you are at all confused, please write me.  This is a very
difficult process to explain in

	Lady Rebecca the Contrary
	Clerk of Signet, Atlantia

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