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By example (was Too many egos in charge)

Poster: TAWNYKAT@aol.com

Mistress Lyanna wrote:  <<Time for me to vent some...I was amazed and
disgusted by the behavior "those in charge" before the Final Field Battle...
Now onto another gripe:  Lack of imagination on the part of those in command.
Can we have a rallying cry that is actually based on  something medieval or
renaissance rather than a lame quote from "Starship Troopers"?  (I'm referring
to the Everybody Fights, Nobody Quits here). ...We would  get far more of a
medieval flavor to our battles by shouting the period quotes and in  turn,
make things more fun.... Time to change some habits.>>

My dear friend, 
While I agree with much of the intent of your post, I do not think it
completely fair.

Yes, ALL should be more considerate and strive for period
cries/looks/feel/mode in all they do. HOWEVER, this is a hobby, and not all
have the desire, means, or understanding to researcha ALL the things they do
in the SCA.  If you notice, there are some excellent folks that are period in
mode and manner throughout much or what they do (like Dafydd), BUT most folks
are period and do good documentation in some or most of what they do (and
need/get more sleep than Dafydd).  Not everyone has the interest to "wade
through" matter they're not interested in....(i.e., they LOVE the books on
blackwork, cooking and costuming, but find the arms/armor books dull). The
sentiment of more authenticity and feel is WONDERFUL and I ENCOURAGE It FULLY!
I would agree we need more of it with two additional thoughts: 
1)Understand that not everyone researches EVERYTHING, but all should strive to
be as period as they can (and going beyond the call if VERY cool!).
2) Don't wait for other's to do something you feel should be done....Do it

One or two people doing cool war chants could inspire others to do so... I
remember many admiring fighters discussing Lady Susanna and  Lady Wyn going
into battle singing Latin songs at one Pennsic.  It was (I heard) QUITE
something to see and very inspiring.  It was A MOMENT.  Yes, we need more of
these moments, but I think we should be more understanding and more
(personally) active, instead of just ranting about it.
(who realizes she's got LOTS of research to do now that she's opened her
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