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My Pennsic

Poster: Betty & David Eyer <Betty_and_David@compuserve.com>

In response to the requests for stories of Pennsic, I offer my own

I took a promotion to manager at my job in March and in April we began a
massive, "doomed to failure" project based on decisions made before I was
on the team.  Then some of my staff left due to burn out in June.  To make
a long story short, I worked long hours, many of them in the middle of the
night.  I worried a lot.  I also somehow allowed myself to commit to
autocrating Baronial Birthday in July and running the meal plan at the
Baronial encampment at Pennsic.  I am not young.  My promise to myself that
I would authorize in a great weapon was postponed.  I had very little time
to practice my fighting, I made only two new pieces of garb (a cloak and a
gawazee coat) and in general I was exhausted, grumpy and not ready for

When I got there, I found that the planning that I had done with the
Landlady, Naomi MacAlpin, had been well thought out and the others in the
camp were in good spirits and very helpfull.  We got our tent up in record
time and set up a really spiff camp kitchen.  Everyone pitched in and there
were no slaggards to ruin my fun.  

I had a talk with my knight, as I was afraid that my lack of practice would
embarass him, but he was understanding and supportive and encouraged me to
spend the first portion of Pennsic resting, shopping, going to A&S
activities and generally having a vacation.  This was good advice.  

I took a belly dancing class and was SOOO sore from it I could hardly walk,
but I had a great time.  I took a class on making gawazee coats and I went
on a  weed walk.  I read Thomas Aquinas and slept a lot.  I cooked a
researched, period meal  for the camp over a fire and I made several
non-period, but very much appreciated, desserts over the fire also.  One
night I hurt myself with tequila shots, but mostly I took it easy on
partying.   I did major shopping, made some new friends, visited some old
friends and spent some time with my hubby.  

It was hot, but not insufferably so, and mostly dry and dusty.  There was
one big storm, but the stakes and poles that my husband repaired over the
summer stood us in good stead and the big red-white-and-blue circus tent
stood through the storm.  Amalric took on three squires, all good fellows
and gave a nice party just before the storm. 

When the fighting started, I was more in the mood for it.  I made it all
the way through the woods battle before collapsing from heat and/or
exhaustion, made some good kills and had some fun.  It was very important
to me that I got to fight beside my hubby for most of it.   I sat out of
the maze battle the next day in favor of camp chores.  I fought in the
bridge battle on the contested bridge, more of that below.  Although I
spent most of that waiting my turn to fight, I was on the front line at the
end and got 10 minutes or so of fun.  The mountain pass battle was hard
fought and hard won.  SInce it was a resurrection battle, I was a little
careless in protecting myself and instead tried as many different types of
attacks with the spear as I could think of.  I died and resurrected
countless times in that hour, and by luck was among the few standing around
the banner when the cannon went off.   My knight said that he was proud of
me (grin).  

Oh yeah,  and I got my pearl.  :-)  Big suprise for me.  I went to court
because I thought that some friends of mine were being considered for pearl
and I might hear their names called.  After the order of the pearl got up
and inducted two folks I did not know to their ranks, I decided that a
peach cobbler had more appeal to me than court and I slipped out, got my
dessert and went back to my camp.  Lady Brigantia came running into camp
and told me that I was wanted in court and I ran all the way back to find
that Baroness Margaret Cameron was waiting for me (along with everyone
else) to lead me into their company.  I was most shocked, embarassed and
pleased.   Guess I will think twice about slipping out of court early next

Concerning the contested bridge battle and all that followed. Without
assigning blame, let me say that this was all very sad, and someone (I dont
know who) has gone very wrong.   The real losers are not Kings, but all
those individuals (including kings) who went all that way with the dream
large in their hearts only to leave with discord in its place.  The Middle
said they were fighting for Jafar, and I do not think this honors him.  

Magdalena de Hazebrouck
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