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To all my Foes, and all my Friends

Poster: Rutlands@aol.com

Unto the list greeting from James of Rutland  (mundanely, in Frederick Co,

To all my Foes:
     I would like to take this Occasion to say you were Right, and I am Sorry,
for all the things that I have said and done, and fully intend to say and do
hereafter;  and in Apology, I offer so many good Strawberry-Plants as you may
Desire, free for your Taking, and already dug up for you.  Simply favor me
with a Reply, and they are yours.  If you have friends that might benefit,
please accept this Apology for them.

To all my Friends:
     HELP!  Four years ago I planted some strawberries in a four-by-twenty
bed; by the next year they had eaten the three-foot paths on either side.  So
I girded my loins, dug 'em all out of the paths & replanted them in a new 4 x
35 bed.  They have now eaten the three-foot paths on either side of BOTH beds
and colonized the beds on the other side of said paths.  I'm going under for
the third time in strawberry plants.  It's like having 20,000 little green
unspayed cats.  I hate to throw out a plant that yields good food...Would any
of you, knowing the danger, be willing to do me a favor & take some off my
hands?  Hopefully in two or three years you will have harder hearts than
I......Give a reply & you can have as many as you want.  James

P.S.... If you don't know me from Adam... want some strawberry plants?
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