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Sew and Mend and Turn

Poster: "M.  Stewart" <ms154@cornell.edu>

Hi I've been watching this thread with interest...   I think I can shed
some light on this...   The phrase  and turn, in my experience, doesn't
refer to a reversible garment,  it refers to the edges of the cloth and the
finishes on garments.
	For example...  a shirt (modern or not) with collar and cuffs,
receives most of the wear at the edges of the collar and the cuff,  and it
is the frequent site of stains.   Wear holes appear commonly at the forward
edge of the cuff and collar.  If you remove the cuff (for example) you will
find that it is commonly two rectangular pieces of fabric sewn together
when the right sides faced one another  and then turned so that the seam is
on the inside and the right sides face out.

	NOW if that cuff is old and ratty looking (and I am assuming a
woven and not printed pattern here, if any pattern on the fabric)
	you can Take it off the garment,
	Undo the side seams  of the cuff (or collar),  then with the
forward edge seam still in tact and the right sides of the material facing
	you Sew a new  seam along the front edge,
	then TURN the fabric so that the wrong sides face out (but on a
cloth with no pattern this is very hard to tell the difference),
	Resew your side seams and then reattach to the garment.

You have just turned the cuff.
As a long time impoverished  Graduate Student with a thrifty mother who is
the living encyclopedia and master on all cloth and fiber arts  I've turned
alot of cuffs.  This can also be used on Waistbands,  Collars (its a bit
different for them) and other stuff.

Your not using two layers of cloth,  just both sides as the face.

Bridgette Kelly MacLean
The MacLean of Atlantia
now and ever...   who is currently freezing her tookas off in Aethelmarc...
and they tell me it gets colder?!!

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