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Rapier Fighters wanted, Marshal needed

Poster: alesia4@juno.com

Good Gentles,

	The Barony of Marinus will host a Rapier Tourney at its Baronial
Birthday celebration on Sept 26, 1998.  It is my desire to give the
Rapier tourney equal billing with the Heavy Weapons tourney.  Both list
will be set up on the main field and are expected to run simultaneously,
thus allowing the populace to easily view both tourneys.

	Marinus currently has five authorized Rapier fighters, but would
like to host a list much larger than five.  We currently do not have a
Rapier marshal.  If you are a marshal and can assist us at the event,
please contact me.  I can be reached by email or at (757)490-8137 (call
collect).  If you are a fighter, and would like to support a group with a
growing excitement about Rapier, please attend.

In Service,

Baroness Alesia
Autocrat, Marinus Baronial Birthday

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