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Re: the orders & authenticity thread

Poster: Rutlands@aol.com

In response to a couple of postings:

It is important to know who someone is who did something for a few reasons:

1) The Pearl and Laurel are teaching orders.  Membership in both is not based
on a onetime good project but on a pattern or history of producing good
projects that would show sufficient knowledge and skill to teach, and without
knowing who does the projects it is hard to make the necessary links.

2) Someone can be a marvelous creator of projects but a beastly nasty person.
Such a person could discourage learning, and indeed discourage participation
in the Society.

3) We do look for in candidates and strive (I admit I fail miserably) to
accomplish in ourselves the highest possible levels of courtesy, medievally
oriented intelligence and energy (towards helping the SCA and members
thereof).  The projects accomplished are only part of that.

4) We look for people who will continue to contribute to the SCA, not ones who
consider membership in the Laurel or Pearl orders to be an end to a journey.

Thanks to all who have contributed to this discussion.  I think it most
excellent.  I also beg forgiveness of any who take offense at my use of "We"
in the above sentences.  I know that different people in the orders look for
different qualities in candidates. 

Yours most humbly,

Daniel of Rutland
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