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Re: Arms and Awards Murph's Law Revisited (fwd)

Poster: clevin@ripco.com (Craig Levin)


> Yes You sure can! One minor caveat though, Make sure they are YOUR arms.
> There aint no such beastie as "Family arms". A person or entity is
> awarded or granted arms. They are the sole property of that person. His
> eldest male heir can, in most cases, inherit those arms but the transfer
> must be matriculated (and approved). HE then owns those arms and can
> usually pass them to his eldest male heir, but personal arms are the
> exclusive property of ONE person, NOT a family. If YOU personally are
> the bearer of properly granted and transfered arms you should be able to
> use them in the SCA under the same provision that allows you to use you
> naturally given name. Even if the society were to disapprove the only
> person that could complain under civil law would be You, and you would
> be protected, as is your right, under criminal statutes.

The mundane name allowance is hardly such a "gimmie" as you seem
to think it is. You can't register your full mundane name. For
that matter, if you use a part of your mundane name that does not
conform to keep with the medieval atmosphere, Laurel will return
your submission. 

There was a submission from the West some time ago, a young chap
who wanted to use his given name, "Legend," in his SCA name
"Legend of Hunter's Grove." Laurel returned it, since "Legend of
Hunter's Grove" did not conform. Were he to have the more normal
name of "Joshua," I doubt she'd have returned it.

In Full Canon Law Mode,


Craig Levin
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