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Re: On Pennsic....

Poster: "Tristan de Roquelaure" <barderic@mailcity.com>

On Sun, 23 Aug 1998 03:07:07   rmhowe wrote:
>Poster: rmhowe <magnusm@ncsu.edu>
>Rowanwald Central wrote:
>> Poster: "Rowanwald Central" <rownwald@gte.net>
>> > *steps out of the water-closet after releaveing himserlf of all that pink
>> lemonaid*
>> > Did yoiu know that the romans had rea running water and flushing toilets?
>> > *starts across the floor, slips and falls on his butt*
>> >
>>  "They had air conditioning too," answers Rosine as she hands him a pillow.
>Yeah, but sharing those little dip sponges on a stick....

*takes the pillow, slowely stanidng back up*
Thank you, m'Lady...

And Sir??  "dip sponges on a stick", Sir??


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