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Fw: Mabinogi Flyer

Poster: "Beverly Robinson-Curry" <corvus2@worldnet.att.net>

From: SWMyers@aol.com
To: corvus2@worldnet.att.net
Cc: bmorris@access.digex.net
Subject: Mabinogi Flyer
Date: Tuesday, August 25, 1998 1:45 AM

For over ten years now, the Barony of the Sacred Stone has breathed life
a small, Celtic town; poised delicately on the edge of all we know and the
stuff of which we dream.  It is the mythical village called Mabinogi.
Inspired by tales from the White Book of Rhydderch, more commonly known as
MABINOGION; the town symbolizes the rich and concrete beauty of the mortal
world intertwined with the flickering, shadowy uncertainty of the
More than just play-acting Celtic literature, Mabinogi represents the very
heart of adventure... the dream, come to life.  Please join us this
as the village appears once again, and calls forth the hero in us all...


THE SITE: Omens and portents suggest that Mabinogi will reveal itself in
woodland areas of Camp York in King's Mountain State Park sometime between
5:00pm on Friday, October 30th and 1:00pm on Sunday, November 1st. 
may take their ease in the village’s many cabins with beds and/or floor
with hot shower bath houses fed by the placid waters of Llyn Llyw. 
is permitted, but beware of merfolk, as there is no lifeguard on duty.

THE SEVEN KNIGHTS CHALLENGE: A game for Heavy Fighters and Duellists.  When
Bran the Blessed left to conquer Ireland, he left behind seven knights to
protect his kingdom.  Each of them met with defeat at the hands of
the son of Beli and his Veil of Illusion.  To guard itself this Samhain,
Mabinogi has gathered Seven Knights from Seven Kingdoms.  Both heavy
and duellists are invited to challenge their might in seven, different

THE EYE OF BALOR: A game for Archers.  You will need the strength and
of Lugh to pierce the eye of the Fomorian king, Balor Evil Eye.  Lugh Long
used a sling, but you may use a bow and arrow in this contests of skill and

THE GAMES: The Mabinogi Tavern is home to a host of games of skill and
Look for your opportunity to match wits against some of the town’s more
notorious Gamesmen or make book on some of the days athletic competitions
as Wrestling, the Hammer Toss, the infamous Sheep Stealing Contest, and
many more.  Not to worry, your Mabinogi Visitor’s Guide will help you catch
all of the village’s many, sporting events including our annual Midnight

THE SONGBIRDS OF RHIANNON: A game for Children.  For seven years Bran’s men
tarried in Harlech beguiled by the songbirds of Rhiannon.  Children will
but seven hours to gather seven of the golden songbirds in this Hunt for
Children that will take them through England, Ireland, and Wales!

THE FOOD: Food and comfort may be taken at the Mabinogi Tavern, renowned
its hearty fare and fine ales.  Visitors to the village may purchase meals
beverages there throughout the weekend, though Her Excellency, Baroness
de Johnstone has commanded that a banquet be held on Saturday evening for
pleasure of Her On-Board guests!

THE VILLAGE: This is a working town with shops, residents, craftsmen,
butchers, etceteras.  Be sure and visit some of Mabinogi’s more colorful
citizens and take in it’s diverse history and color.  The town uses its own
coinage, the Mabon, but the bank will happily exchange foreign currencies.

DANCE, BARDIC, & THE ARTS: Residents of Mabinogi are notorious dancers and
musicians.  Be prepared to stay up late at the tavern to sing and dance
the feast on Saturday!  The Lord Mayor is even sponsoring a game for
in the form of the best poem based on any subject found in The Mabinogion!

THE COST: The cost of the event is a mere 15 Mabons!  $15.00
$10.00 On-Site, Off-Board; $10.00 Off-Site, On-Board; $5.00 for
Children 6-12 are half price and children 5 and under are guests of  House
Corvus.  Please send all reservations to the head of the Mabinogi
Centre, Baroness Susan Douglas of Andover (c/o Susan Osborne, 1281 Andover
Road, Charlotte, NC 28211; (704) 365-8239 with drafts made payable to: The
Barony of the Sacred Stone/SCA Inc.  If you need any  further information,
please contact Mabinogi’s autocratic Lord Mayor,  Bran Trefonnen (c/o Scot
Myers, P.O. Box 2981, Davidson, NC 28036; (704) 896-0250) or through the
mystic E-ther by chanting  “SWMYERS@AOL.COM” or by casting your runes at

THE DIRECTIONS: FROM THE SOUTH: Take your best route to I-85 just north of
SC/NC border.  Take Exit #2 (King's Mountain National Military Park).  Go
south (right turn) on 216 through the Military Park to King's Mountain
Park.  Turn right at the sign marked Group Camps.  At the "Y", bear right
Camp York.  FROM THE NORTH: Take your best route to I-85 in North Carolina
just south of Charlotte.  Take Exit #8 (King's Mountain).  At the top of
ramp, turn left.  When the road comes to a fork, bear right.  You will stay
this road for about 7 miles until you see a small field with a split rail
fence on the right hand side.  Turn right after the fence into the entrance
King's Mountain State Park (there is a package goods store on the left of
"T" intersection.  Follow the road through the park to the Living
History/Organized Camp sign and turn left.  At the "Y", bear right to Camp
York.  ~ Please, strictly obey all posted "Speed Limit' signs within the

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