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Re: Rubber Axe heads

Poster: Neil Brady <teufel@pop.erols.com>


>OK, so can someone give us the latest scoop on the rubber axe heads?
>Last year at Pennsic, we couldn't use them.

	I used one at Pennsic 26, got it inspected by Richard himself.  What he
said to me at the time he was inspecting it was, 'I hate these things, I
want to get them banned.'  But he passed me anyway.  For more on that, you
would have to ask Richard himself.
	I've been using one for about 3-4 years now; they're tough as nails.
Never had anyone question a blow, and never had anyone call a blow
excessive.  I don't mind anyone using one against me, which is the final
indicator in my mind.

>Rumor went around that the society marshall banned them.  Duke Richard
>told me the society marshall banned them but I never saw anything in
>print about this.
>This year, my lovely rubber axe head pole-arm was permitted and I had
>the chance to swat some heads with it.  Additionally, a Midrealmer told
>me that there was a long explanation of the legalities of the rubber axe
>in their
>newsletter, The Pale.  The lengthy explanation basically said that they
>are legal.

	I have never heard anything more than rumor about them being banned.  It
will be a tough time to get them thrown out though.  They meet or exceed
every standard of safety (compression, weight, width, etc.), and I have
never heard of an injury attributable solely to the axe head, so I really
don't see what the problem is.
	Duke Richard, would you care to explain?

		Frederich Von Teufel
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