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A Hmmmmm-ing....

Poster: "Tristan de Roquelaure" <barderic@mailcity.com>

> By and large, the Irish didn't name children directly
>after saints in the Middle Ages, least of all one so important as
>St. Stephen Protomartyr. Usually, they used a prefix to the
>saint's name meaning servant or worshipper, either Mael-<name>,
>as in Malcolm, or Giolla-<name>, as in Gilpatrick.

I forgot to ask you this before, but do you know WHY they weren't named after saints?
The Archbishop of Cashel once said, "Our people may be barbarous, but that have never lifed their hands against God's saints; but now that a peope have come amongst us who know how to make thing [this was jsut after the English invasion], we shall have martyr's plentfully."
I don't kow that that's EXACTLY why, but I know that may be a reason...

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