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Re: Cross bottony device problem

Poster: Shawn Riggin <sriggi1@gl.umbc.edu>

Greetings unto the Merry Rose from Morgan Wainwright, I pray this message
reaches you in good health!

First, let me say that I agree with Miri's last post entirely.  As a
Herald myself, our job is not to negotiate or act as diplomats.  We are
here, among other things,  to assist the populace with research, design,
and submission of Names and Arms.  Research includes not only "periodness"
of names and arms, but also what we call Conflict-checking. (pretty self
explanetory).  Simply put, the proposed arms for the Principality had not
been submitted, so therefore there is no conflict with the submissions
from Elizabeth Bowles.  "She" submitted official paperwork before the
Principality movement sent in the Name/arms.  Period.

I imagine most of you are unaware of this, but I was the original creator
of the Cross Bottany device in question.  I was highly delighted when it
was chosen by the majority of the people as the preferred choice for the
Arms for the Principality of Stilhavn.  I suffered through verbal
arguements and email arguements day after day from those who were offended
at the device.  The simple response most of the time was "Hey, if you
don't like it, don't vote for it, period."  Unfortunately, one person took
it upon themselves to deprive the whole principality of the Arms that they
voted to accept.

And yes, Miri, I could have registered it as a personal badge and released
it to the Principality when the time came, but I didn't think that there
was someone out there who would stoop so low as to throw a temper tantrum
and pass it as their own arms, just to deprive the whole Northern Region
of a well-liked, and positively-affirmed Arms.

Its about time I return to my Lurking.  I just have one question for
Elizabeth Bowles: As creator of the device, I just want to know Why you're
doing this?  Please respond to me privately, and I will keep your real
identity a secret.  You have my word.

In Service I Remain,
Morgan Wainwright
Herald at X-Large

Mundanely:   Shawn M. Riggin                 
In The SCA:  Morgan Wainwright                         "Quarterly argent
             Man-at-Arms to Lord Kaloc von Zwechel      and sable, a wheel
             Canton of Spiaggia Levantina               counterchanged."
             Kingdom of Atlantia                   

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